We are: Paul Rittel (cello and voice), Roosmarijn Tuenter (viola and voice), and Mirco Wessolly (violin and voice). We met during our studies at the ArtEZ music conservatory in Arnhem (NL). All three of us received classical lessons as children and then later specialized in jazz and pop music. Before joining the band, each one of us had already gathered experience in different musical genres and developed his own musical ideas, skills and preferences.


We started playing together as "Almost Under" in 2012. Using only our stringed instruments and voices, we developed a two-hour "unplugged & acoustic" set, which we have performed since 2013 in several successful concerts in the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. At the music contest "Open Podium" in the Amphion Theater in Doetinchem (NL) in September 2013, we won first prize in all three categories: the professional jury, the audience and the press.


In autumn 2014 we decided to venture along new musical pathways and to come up with an entirely new set. We now combine unconventional playing techniques on our instruments with various methods of live electronic sound processing, including visual elements and our three-part vocal harmonies, which are still a quintessential element of our music. Since april 2016 we've been touring throughout the Netherlands and Germany to present this new set to the public.