Although we initially came together as three very different individuals, we strive to maintain equality within the band. And we really admire each other, both on an artistic and a personal level. Therefore, we make all decisions collectively and without the aid of a frontman or band leader.


We want our product to match our vision precisely. This is why we not only write all of our songs, lyrics and arrangements ourselves, but also personally handle all other aspects, from live sound engineering to the light show, from our web presence to our management.


We do not wish to deny the classical heritage of our instruments or our previous musical careers, but prefer not to be defined by them. We see ourselves simply as a pop act and not as a cross-over group. Nevertheless, we like to wander and mediate between musical styles and invite our audience to discover new ones with us.


Most of all, we wish to be authentic and honest. Only by preserving our personal uniqueness, we can create music that is truly unique. All of our sounds are live and hand-made. We love the imperfect, living quality of a real concert. We look forward to sharing this experience with our audience.