If we were pressed to describe our music as a genre, we might suggest "trip hop", "dub", and "electro pop". However, we would rather not abide by the rules and expectations that are associated with such names. First and foremost, we wish to create music that we ourselves enjoy listening to. We attempt to create songs that are experimental, yet catchy at the same time. The emotions our songs evoke can often range from happy, to contemplative, to strange, to melancholy. Each song has its own unique sound, and yet we try to imbue all of the songs with a common thread: our own musical handwriting.

We enjoy fetching melodies, driving percussive grooves, energetic bass lines, psychedelic soundscapes and unusual harmonies. We like to experiment and always strive for the right mixture of pre-decided composition and spontaneous live elements. The atmosphere of the music is very important to us and we certainly don't shy away from intimate emotions in our songs. We create our music armed only with our stringed instruments, our voices, and our effects pedals - entirely without computer-generated or pre-recorded samples. We believe we have carved out our own genre which we like to call "Progressive String Pop".